Thursday, January 1, 2009

December 31, 2008


Well familyface! Swell hearing from ye! Ummm... I am clean outta things to say! I said everything Thursday! But lets see...You heard all I did and experienced up to Thursday, which was Christmas, and now Im gonna tell you da rest of da week!
Friday we saved our possibilities for baptism. That was basically the whole day.
Then Saturday we spent all day filling up the baptism font and doing more interviews. Then we had our baptisms. Then after there was supposabely a talent show... which didnt work. We ended up practising for two hours before and doing all five numbers! One of which was my Nauvoo Audition show that we did on the Mississippi river in SPANISH! They laughed their heads off! My side hurts from falling so much!
Anywho... twas an insane week! I had some crazy things happen. Our investigador that was ready to get baptized isnt gonna do it cause her lover wont leave the house and on top of that... she likes my comp. Hes not flirt or anything, so its really weird. So now we are in a huge jumble. We want her baptized, she wants us to leave her be a few days, and we all want her boyfriend to go. Yeah, fun.
So then Sunday was Sunday and today we had to go to MANAGUA for another leaders meeting. I AM SO TIRED! I woke up at 3 thirty and its a three hour ride to Managua and a half hour to the chapel in taxi.
So I just got back twenty minutes ago and IM TIRED! I wanna sleep!
But Im happy.
Ummm... I will talk to you later. Im really pooped! I still gotta send numbers cause we have had no time today.
Sorry its short!

E. Johnson
Elder Johnson
Nicaragua, Managua Mission


edkin saunders said...

hey jonny boy..como esta la vida en Nicaragua..que fachento usted con su blogspot verdad..? dle pues cuidese y feliz año